Step up... to new treatment option for young adults with arthritis

If you're a young adult with knee or hip arthritis, you know how limited your treatment options can be. When weight management, physiotherapy and medications don't provide relief, you may be required to wait until age 65 to qualify for a joint replacement. The time between non-surgical treatment failure and the time when patients qualify for a joint replacement is often referred to by doctors as the "treatment gap".

Now, thanks to a new treatment option, relief is available.

New 2018 treatment recommendations published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) now advise that doctors consider referring young people with knee and hip arthritis for platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP.

The addition of PRP to the treatment recommendations for osteoarthritis is very exciting. This will undoubtedly lead to greater public awareness regarding the treatment, and will result in better care. Doctors who have been providing PRP therapy for arthritis already know how effective the treatment can be. For many of our patients, the improvement in joint pain and mobility is extraordinary.

One of the most significant improvements that I have seen from the use of PRP was in a young man who had developed early onset knee arthritis. He had played competitive sports as a young adult and suffered from repeated knee injuries. At 44, he had tried and failed all non-surgical treatment options and had fallen into the treatment gap. Concerned about his ability to work and participate in family activities, he tried PRP. After 2 injections in both knees, he was able to return to work and go for walks with his young daughter.

For him, PRP was a game changer.

PRP treatment involves collecting the client's blood, removing and concentrating blood platelets (PRP) included in the sample, and injecting the PRP back into the client at the site of injury. This in office same day procedure is completed using ultrasound guidance. When injected, human growth factors contained in the PRP initiate the body's natural healing process. Stimulation of the client's own healing response results in reduced joint pain and improved mobility.

If you fall into the treatment gap, PRP may be right for you. To learn more about this game changing therapy go to

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