New Whiplash Treatment: Is it right for you?

Pain associated with whiplash can impact every aspect of a person's life. When rest, medication and rehabilitation result in limited improvement, those affected may become uncertain regarding their ability to return to work. They may also question their ability to return to activities they once enjoyed. Now, thanks to a minimally invasive non-surgical treatment, many patients are moving past their chronic pain and uncertainty, and towards complete recovery.

Prolotherapy, or proliferative therapy is a minimally invasive, ultrasound guided in-office procedure. The procedure involves injecting a pro-inflammatory solution at the site of injury. Once injected, the combined lidocaine and dextrose based solution "kick starts" the body's nature healing process and allows the body to heal itself.

To learn more about prolotherapy, and to book your consultation today, go to or call 780. 458.0255.

To download your free whiplash management guide, Click Here.

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