A randomized control trial of intra-articular prolotherapy verses steriod injection for sacroiliac joint pain

Prolotherapy provides superior outcomes to steroid injections for patients with sacraliliac joint pain.

A systematic review of dextrose prolotherapy for chronic musculoskeletal pain

Use of dextrose prolotherapy is supported for treatment of tendinopathies, knee and finger joint osteoarthritis, and spinal/pelvic pain due to ligament dysfunction.

A retrospective study on hackett-hemwall dextrose prolotherapy for chronic shoulder pain

In this study, patients with chronic shoulder pain who received prolotherapy reported significant improvements in their quality of life.

Prolotherapy in primary care

This paper outlines the history of prolotherapy and provides a review of indication for use. 

The biology of prolotherapy and its application in clinical cervical spine instability and chronic neck pain: a retrospective study

The results of this study identify a statistically significant reductions in pain and functionality. The safety and viability of prolotherapy for cervical spine instability is also established.

Randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled double-blinded study of dextrose prolotherapy for osteoarthritic thumb and finger (DIP, PIP, and Trapeziometacarpal) joints: evidence of clinical efficancy

Dextrose prolotherapy was clinically effective and safe in the treatment of pain with joint movement and range limitation in osteoarthritic finger joints. 

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