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INTRODUCED in the 1930's, prolotherapy is widely accepted as an evidence based approach to stimulating healing. The process involves the use of a pro-inflammatory solution that is injected at the site of injury or irritation using guided ultrasound. Once injected, the combined lidocaine and dextrose based solution "kickstarts" the body's natural healing process and allows the body to heal injuries that have become chronic.


Scientific studies have identified that prolotherapy works best for people with ligament, tendon and joint injuries that have failed to progress through the natural healing process, and have not responded to first line treatments.


Clients who frequently access prolotherapy include ranchers with lower back and joint painhockey players with shoulder separation injures, and runners who are unable to recover from ankle sprains. Additional clients who benefit from prolotherapy include those with chronic whiplash, and women who experience chronic sacroiliac joint pain after pregnancy.

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Ultrasound Guided Prolotherapy...

Effective in the management of ankle strains and joint instability