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"I had been struggling with frozen shoulder of months. Three weeks after receiving a combined cortisone injection and hydrodilatation from Lloyd, I was playing golf."


Hydrodilalation & Frozen Shoulder

HYDRODILATATION of the shoulder is an ultrasound guided office based procedure that involves injecting between 20 - 60cc of normal saline (salt water) into the joint. The procedure is often used in the management of frozen shoulder, a painful condition that results in shoulder pain, stiffness and loss of function. When injected, the fluid expands the joint. Patients notice reduced pain and stiffness, and improved range of motion. Local anesthetic and cortisone can be added to the solution to reduce inflammation and improve comfort.

Scientific studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of hydrodilatation for the management of frozen shoulder have identified that the procedure is more effective than physiotherapy alone,  and is effective when compared with joint manipulation under general anesthetic. Early access to hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder as also been documented to reduce the need for invasive surgery. 

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Shoulder Hydrodilatation

An Effective Treatment for Frozen Shoulder