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Lloyd Tapper PhD, NP

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Sustaining a joint or back injury can result in significant physical discomfort and psychological distress. When these injuries go unresolved, those affected often question their ability to return to the activities they once enjoyed. They may also question their ability to maintain employment. 

At Regenesis Medical Services, Ph.D prepared Nurse Practitioner Lloyd Tapper understands the stress and uncertainty that often comes with a change in health status. He also understands the anxiety that clients' can experience when initial treatment options and surgical consultations provide limited answers and results.


As a primary care and regenerative medicine clinician , Lloyd works with each client to address their anxiety by exploring non regenerative, regenerative and rehabilitative treatment options.  He will also work with your rehabilitative team to ensure that you receive effective, efficient and coordinated care.

If you have joint or back pain, and are concerned about your lack of improvement, contact Regenesis Medical Services today. Ask about our regenerative medicine options including Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

Start your journey back to a pain free life today!



At Regenesis Medical Services, we strive to provide our valued clients with timely access to ultrasound guided, and minimally invasive regenerative orthopaedic services. We further strive to ensure that our clients receive evidence based care that exceeds their expectations.

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